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Parent Consultation & Education

The challenges parents face daily can be overwhelming and often feel hopeless.  We have so much input in regards to what is best for our children and their health, it often feels impossible to navigate a clear path to wellness. 

We begin our journey with a general pediatrician and often continue down a rabbit hole of specialists or therapists only to find ourselves more confused and frustrated. 

When we remember that the body is connected, we can find answers to problems like snoring, ADHD, picky eating, dental issues, chapped lips, sleep issues, speech impediments and so much more from an unexpected source, our mouth. 

I have been helping families connect the dots with consultations and evaluations to show how the structure and function of our mouths can literally change the health and wellness of our entire body. 

After working with hundreds of families, I can quickly evaluate your child to get the answers you need to have a clear path to success and wellness. 

Book a consultation below and we will meet via zoom to discuss your concerns, complete a virtual evaluation, and create a plan of action for you to get the results you 

FAQ's to help you along the way.

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